About this database

This database is based on specimens of Japanese longicorn beetles deposited at FFPRI, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.
Longicorn beetles, which include many forest pests, compose a major group of Coleoptera: the number of known species was approximated at 35,000 in 1980, though it is possibly about 37,000 at present, because new species has continuously been described thereafter.
In Japan, there are about 750 described species, which belong to the two families Distiniidae and Cerambycidae, with the latter further divided into seven subfamilies (Parandrinae, Prioninae, Spondylidinae, Lepturinae, Necydalinae, Cerambycinae, and Lamiinae). A few taxa are undergoing systematic revision, and some species remain undescribed yet.
Additionally, a few species included in this database are considered to have been indtroduced from other countries.
Although we tried to include all known Japanese species in this database, specimens of some 70 species are not available, because they are very rare or possibly extinct already.
However, our database may be unique and valuable in that we show both sexes of nearly all species included, and three views (dorsal, lateral, and frontal) for all specimens. Besides, for the species with distinct geographical variations, typical variants are also shown.
We are grateful to many friends and colleagues for their kindness in providing us with valuable specimens.

All the data and images in this database are copyrighted by the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.
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